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May 24, 2012

How could the be if we were able to rearrange the elements of realty? A significant venture into an other-improved living condition is done by Txell Blanco Diaz.  At the outskirts of Leidsche Rijn reality is placed in a  gap between past and future condition on constantly evolving building-site. Piles of sand or bricks lay next to road waiting…. until Txell came by and rearranged the pile into a place; creating complete urban furniture set with a bench and a waste basket. Excellent.

Let’s leave to imagination what happened when workers pass by the next morning at 7 am?  Txell Blanco Diaz, more info on


May 7, 2012

There are some similarities between Gerhard’s Richter’s colors in the Nationalgalerie, or the stucco piece of the Neues Museum refurbishment (by David Chipperfield) in Berlin. Except of the obvious tonalities, the experiment and attention devoted to each square centimeter is amazing. Pieces of excellence.