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June 26, 2012

Kim Verhoeven ‘Space in Four Parts’

Archiprix is an annual award for the best graduation work of students all higher architectural institutions in the Netherlands. To be nominated in such a condition is already a great achievement. Herewith congratulations to all 27 nominees, and the final 6 winners (teams). Amongst the winners is ‘our’ student Kim Verhoeven that we specially congratulate for her research and design project ‘Space in Four Parts’. ‘van harte’. An earlier blog features her (cum laude) graduation presentation with more data . Apparently it was, next to the great project, the extensive material research and all the rubber and gypsum moulds that took the hearts of the jury:) This is a recommendation for other students and designers alike. Accompanied by beautifully designed publication.


June 2, 2012

Historically the city gate, the Kvaternik – Badel area is a true Zagreb urban and trading area currently divided in three separate disconnected places. Ever since the market was removed from the Kvaternik square to the lot ’round the corner’ the area lost it’s heart. Our proposal in the competition for the Badel block creates an urban bypass, giving the market a new home and bringing it into the Badel block. Reuse of all heritage buildings strengthens and continues the urban mix of the place. The block perimeter is closed with housing and a composition of three towers (the existing tower with the two new mix-use towers) adds to the city skyline. The submerged market square allows for double space use exchanging the fresh food morning market with cultural market and public stage in the evening, asking for a direct link with the old distillery which turns into cultural black-box. By replacing the current market a free lot emerges on Šubićeva street, which we align and fill with new housing scheme. The proved collaboration of HL architecture and Daniel Casas Valle urbanism with Fabian Wallmüller‘s wonder touch aims to create vibrant social and economic heartbeat of the neighbourhood. This entry also serves as a discussion piece, pointing out the urban dependencies of the area. A pleasure to work on.