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August 26, 2013

BL_KH_ARCHIVE1_SMLTIME-MACHINE is a range of Virtual exhibitions. First one will open on Friday 30th August at the artist’s complex Nieuwenmeer, Oude Haagse weg, Amsterdam. Our ARCHIVE project done in collaboration with KettingHuls will be  featured. We are curious how will the virtual reflections work, in real-time space. It promises to be an amusing site anyway, somewhat like silent disco, in the search for space.. BL_DH ARCHIVE 03_sml


May 29, 2013

M feet 1_sml An exercise in compact living combining the Dutch Golden age tradition with the ‘japanese style’ Pet architecture. Preview from the opening as a follow up on previous blog…Vertical Niche_sml


February 8, 2012

The magic phenomenon  of stretching the boundaries of public space: Frozen Amsterdam canals became the public artery during the cold winter weeks. Proximities of street, houseboats and water merge into one: the houseboats being potential captives of both the ice and the citizens. However, the magic of the moment creates a fairytale democracy of citizens united by ice.


June 8, 2011

Hl architecture receiving the first prize from the Lt. Governor of Bonaire, Glen Thodé. Quotes from the jury report accompanied by great landscapes of Bonaire: in Dutch: Toen ging het nog om: Karko, Bombo, Bries….. Karko (Attika) vanwege een heldere eenvoud, Bries (Zandbelt van der Berg)  was van een verleidelijke directheid, Bombo (HL architecture) was van elegante helderheid…….De architectuur van Bombo  en Bries waren verwant aan elkaar: strak, precies en van een hoog iconisch gehalte waarmee Bonaire op architectonisch regiokaart kon worden geplaatst.

Lastly it was about designs with the code names: Karko, Bombo, Bries….. Karko (Attica) because of a clear simplicity, Breeze (Zandbelt van der Berg) had a seductive directness and Bombo (HLarchitecture) was of elegant clarity ……. The architecture of Bombo and Breeze were related to each other: sharp, precise and with a high iconic quality that could position Bonaire at the regional architectural map.


July 7, 2010

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