BL_YOG MAPBureau LADA (Landscape, Architecture, Design, Art) is a cross-disciplinary Amsterdam based studio with a focus on experimental architecture. Established in 2010 by Croatian Dutch architect and urbanist Lada Hršak, the studio introduces poetry, wit and wisdom in it’s design projects, research and interventions.   

Working from a solid base of experienced designer, the practice acts in the fields of architecture, artistic research, urban regeneration and cultural ecology. The studio explores new relationships between nature and culture, arts and science, sociology and housing: looking for a sense of urgency and relevant models of operation. As for example identifying with an other’s point of view. Getting beyond the tyranny of style, the designs are situated in modernist settings, tropical sites, heritage areas, gaps and edges. Clever and beautiful, is what we aim for.

Following her training at Faculty of Architecture at University of Zagreb, Lada Hršak completed the postgraduate program at The Berlage Institute in Amsterdam. Parallel to her design work, she holds several teaching engagements (Delft University of Technology, Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, Royal Academy of the Arts The Hague KBAK, Faculty of Architecture Auckland University) and is member of Advisory Committee for the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.




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