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November 8, 2011

Kim is graduating with the project ‘Space in four parts: a new stage for the performance of classical music’. The word play of the title suggests a piece of music. Her stated ambition for this project allows us to understand her approach: that a graduation study allows one to delve into a subject that has long been a source of fascination, in her case the ‘Canto Ostinato’ by Simeon ten Holt. In this piece of music, the harmonious core is played by several pianos repeatedly, but with minor alterations, for an unlimited time defined by the musicians themselves. Brilliant monotony or ‘repetition as the form of change’ was Kim’s challenge when she began to analyse the piece and translate it into an architectural project using scale models and drawings.

As stated at the end of our debate we offer our compliments: for the integrity of her work, her strength and balanced consideration in achieving a strong, well thought out and poetic scheme which does not lose any of its strength when zooming in. There could have been more or less variations and the module could have perhaps been alternated more. But this is not the case, for her power as a designer includes the power of restraint as well as the ability to produce top quality architectural design. Architecture was described by Goethe as frozen music. This powerful and much used metaphor is applicable to Kim’s work with its strong inner structure, rich resonance and freedom for interpretation and variation. What is lacking is a life size model or, better still, the realisation of the piece. We support Kim in her work and wish her the best in her quest for the same precision and poetry in her career as she has achieved in ‘Space in Four Parts’.    On behalf of the graduation committee, Lada Hršak, Jan Peter Wingender, Jana Crepon