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May 24, 2012

How could the be if we were able to rearrange the elements of realty? A significant venture into an other-improved living condition is done by Txell Blanco Diaz.  At the outskirts of Leidsche Rijn reality is placed in a  gap between past and future condition on constantly evolving building-site. Piles of sand or bricks lay next to road waiting…. until Txell came by and rearranged the pile into a place; creating complete urban furniture set with a bench and a waste basket. Excellent.

Let’s leave to imagination what happened when workers pass by the next morning at 7 am?  Txell Blanco Diaz, more info on


February 8, 2012

The magic phenomenon  of stretching the boundaries of public space: Frozen Amsterdam canals became the public artery during the cold winter weeks. Proximities of street, houseboats and water merge into one: the houseboats being potential captives of both the ice and the citizens. However, the magic of the moment creates a fairytale democracy of citizens united by ice.


January 18, 2012

The MSU / Museum of contemporary art in Zagreb has put together an excellent exhibition under the title ‘Socialism and Modernity’. Presented ‘real utopian’ work of architecture, planning, art, design, graphics, film and media put together reveal an extraordinary amount of creativity and freedom. Therefore gridded abstract landscapes with socialist youth can be compared to the famous Superstudio’s  ‘Superexistence’ exhibited at the time in MOMA, while it took a while to get to see this one. fltr ‘young people vote for brighter youth and a better future’ 2. ‘youth creativity socialism’


July 22, 2011


June 7, 2011

On the recent visit to Ljubljana we went by few of Plečnik’s works. He is an absolute master of composition, material, detail, scale and atmosphere where heavy and light, soft and hard perfectly coexist. Still looking for a good book….Tromostovlje with the Tržnica market behind

light architecture

July 7, 2010

“How Heavy Are My Thoughts?”, asks Ivana Müller. How heavy is a city? Auckland is very light city. A city with predominantly wooden frame structure homes, with traditional cladding floating above the undulating landscape. The deceiving presence of the city skyline alludes to more weight.Cleveland Rd

The University of Auckland invited Lada Hršak from DHL architecture for an intensive design studio “Auckland Wateratlas”. The wateratlas portrays the multiple relationships in-between water and land. The Hobson Bay and Orakei Basin served as the case study area: where the mangroves meet marshes, infrastructure the residental areas, volcanic basin meets tidal bay. Hobson Bay and Orakei Basin area