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March 24, 2016

OPEN_05_smlpossible futures of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region, Volksvlijt 2056, group exhibition with Z. Hemel, M. Milanovic, M. Bogaert, M. van Iersel, D. van Milligen Bielke, S. Broekhof, J. Bystrykh, S. vd Breemer, H. Zonderland, SpaceMatter, B. Doedens, B. Hamfeld, J. Ouburg, P. Verpaalen, R. Boer, S. Najand,   

FISHEYE Blue Ecology Markermeer  (looking at the world through the eye of the fish)

If the world population growth turns to be true, estimating to the 9,6 billion people by 2050, than the ecology becomes matter of anthropology.  Survival in extreme climate with scarce resources requires revision of our acts and desires. At that point economy becomes an issue of empathy. New economy is conceived in coproduction between nature, science and art.

Focusing on the essential life resource – the water we imagine the world as if looking from the eye of the fish. ‘FISHEYE LAB’  serves as a design laboratory developing narratives for the future ‘water society’. Society based on equity between plants, people and animals re-articulates desires and develops the new economy. Protagonists of the story as hybrids between man and nature are co-creating water society by cleansing, producing, feeding and hosting.OPEN 08_smlOPEN 04_sml

The exhibition will stage the interactive ‘FISHEYE LAB’ where children and visitors could dream up the new balanced world. Water narratives can be experienced on four different scales ranging from global, regional, architectural to microscopic. Stories present: ecology, biology, microbiology, culture, architecture, art and fiction. We shall get to love it.

opening at Amsterdam Public Library, OBA on 12. april 2016.

fisheye 0%_sml