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May 24, 2012

How could the be if we were able to rearrange the elements of realty? A significant venture into an other-improved living condition is done by Txell Blanco Diaz.  At the outskirts of Leidsche Rijn reality is placed in a  gap between past and future condition on constantly evolving building-site. Piles of sand or bricks lay next to road waiting…. until Txell came by and rearranged the pile into a place; creating complete urban furniture set with a bench and a waste basket. Excellent.

Let’s leave to imagination what happened when workers pass by the next morning at 7 am?  Txell Blanco Diaz, more info on

BsAs research report

February 16, 2011

The Berlage Institute Studio Research Report nr 43 is ready. The studio under guidance of Flavio Janches , Lada Hršak and Hayley Henderson was focused on design strategies for marginalized communities of Buenos Aires. See more info at design strategies for marginalized communities