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September 12, 2011

During the celebratory weekend in honor of 50 years of the Zaanse Schans on 10 and 11 September, ‘Portrait of a House / as found’ was open for public. The exhibits show the progress of this Summer’s Residency in Zonnewijzerspad 5 with work of Amie Dicke, HL architecture / Lada Hršak and Tilmann Meyer Faye. The residency is curated by Michiel van Iersel of Non-Fiction in a monumental house owned by Stadsherstel Zaanstreek.
The ‘Portrait‘ driven by an extensive analysis of the color, light, volume, form language, material and details characteristic for this house, transforms into proposed range of new: objects, products and buildings.



September 1, 2011

Table stories 001. During the storytelling dinner at the Zonnewijzerspad 5 a very interesting discussion unfolds; about the authenticity, old and new, meaning and values of the place, monument, living in historical surroundings, living in constructed replica and lifestyle in connection to that. The ‘fusion Zaanse menu’ with the ‘Kater’ destilled by painmill ‘De Kat’ in an altered 17th century house provided the perfect setting for the occasion. In collaboration with Michiel van Iersel from Non-Fiction the assembled guest list contained a mix of residents and external professionals : (wind)miller Piet Kempenaar, windmill HR Hanneke Kempenaar, racing instructor Erik Post, chef Lesley Hisgen and landscape architect Rob van Leeuwen, journalist Tracy Metz, retail expert Baptist Brayé, historian Vladimir Stissi and curator Huib Haye van der  Werf.