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September 7, 2014

Exhibition under the umbrella title ‘Structuralism’ will open on saturday 20th September 2014 at The New Institute in Rotterdam. The title covers the approaches by two curators/architects: Herman Hertzberger and Dirk van den Heuvel. One focuses on comprehensive personal work and ideals, while the other reflects the development and relevance of structuralism within the wider Dutch architectural context. Structuralism forms the most important Dutch contribution to the architectural debate in the second part of 20th century, with an inclusive, poetic alternative to the technocratic ideologies just after the WW2.

Bureau LADA is responsible for the exhibition design curated by Dirk van den Heuvel in his role as the director of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre. The installation combines the exhibition, seminar space, learning and reading spaces, all in one performative platform where audience becomes part of the exhibition. Proposal explores the performative aspects of viewing, discussing and learning while presenting the original archive materials in a consistent manner. The exhibits count many interesting drawings, models and objects, most of which will be presented for the first time for the wider audience.Exp 03Spatial language of the installation deals with the issues of the individual viewer within the collective platform and refers to several characteristic structuralist spatial elements like the roofscapes of Piet Blom and segmented circles of Aldo van Eyck.EXP 01 execution Landstra de Vries, designteam Lada Hršak,Vesna Poljančić

For each of the Four acts being: Education, Ideals, Building and The City, the exhibition platform will alter it’s height. This allows four different  changes of material and provides four different spatial experiences, looking ontop, on, in and under the platform.Four Acts_Height 3 sml

Paired with an interesting public debates programme, viewing of the exhibition combines digital and analogue presentation techniques. Legendary architectural critic Kenneth Frampton will give the first lecture before the official opening under the title: Casbah Organisée as City-in-miniature: Open Work vs. Space of Public Appearance.