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January 18, 2016

BL_Giant Squid_sml

octopus as inspiration for ‘Watereye’ design

Bare with us as the new website is on the way. Website will be presented as an open platform or a ‘tapas-plate’ with ingredients. Research, design and utopias will stand side by side hopefully creating cross – disciplinary energy. Bureau LADA stands for Landscape, Architecture, Design and Art.

Last year was good! Amongst others for The New Institute in Rotterdam and curator Dirk van den Heuvel we designed the performative exhibition design on Dutch  ‘Structuralism’.  Collaboration with Su Tomesen and Teguh Hartanto resulted in tropical house in Jogjakarta and ‘Potemkin Mountain’ a placemaking spatial intervention in collaboration with Stichting ‘Rhizomatic’.


‘Joglo’ tropical house in Jogjakarta, with Su Tomesen and Teguh Hartanto

150514_BERG_LH -3

‘Potemkin Mountain’ with Stichting Rhizomatic

This year, upon invitation by Zef Hemel and Mirjana Milanović we are proud to take part in the visionary exhibition ‘Volksvlijt 2016 ‘ on future economies of Amsterdam Metropolitan Region. Currently we are developing utopian design ‘Watereye’ with hybrid organism for water energy, plants, animals and people.


‘Watereye’ Markermeer, with Juliette Gilson

vju 4F_sml

‘Rakovci’ landscape villa’s in Istra Ctoatia

Further we are continuing to work on compact housing solutions, one of them the interpolation in Amsterdam urban gap. The ‘Towerhouse’. with E.W and  J.W.  An experimental house in Amsterdam Noord and urban regeneration process in Zagreb, Croatia are hopefully commencing soon.


‘Towerhouse’ Amsterdam




February 8, 2012

The magic phenomenon  of stretching the boundaries of public space: Frozen Amsterdam canals became the public artery during the cold winter weeks. Proximities of street, houseboats and water merge into one: the houseboats being potential captives of both the ice and the citizens. However, the magic of the moment creates a fairytale democracy of citizens united by ice.


August 17, 2011

The house on Zonnewijzerspad 5 will be the ‘home’ base for the residency at the Zaanse Schans. A truly intriguing place, where at 8,45 while having breakfast, the first tourists look though the window…..Portrait of the house and it’s surroundings  starts from the detailing, color schemes, structural layering. Both simplicity and complexity achieved by putting the basic elements together. Portrait of the House records the situation as found containing the layer of the earlier residents, as the ‘wrapping’ by Dutch artist Amie Dicke. The study period will be rounded up by an expert dinner dealing with the themes of authenticity, monument, replica, public/private, continuity and more……


July 22, 2011


July 4, 2011

Non-fiction, office for Cultural Innovation invited HL architecture for the residency in a monumental house in the Zanse Schans. The famous, notorious and intricate place is owned by Stadsherstel that tries engaging with different audiences and adopting contemporary strategies for their projects. The residency will explore the past and future potential of the area, advising a strategic branding strategy. On a smaller scale the strategy will envisage the possibility of incorporating the traditional techniques, crafts,detailing and building parts into a contemporary setting, defining a new ZS brand. During the course of residency we will hold the open hours or ‘inloop spreekuur’ for architectural advice on site.


June 8, 2011

Hl architecture receiving the first prize from the Lt. Governor of Bonaire, Glen Thodé. Quotes from the jury report accompanied by great landscapes of Bonaire: in Dutch: Toen ging het nog om: Karko, Bombo, Bries….. Karko (Attika) vanwege een heldere eenvoud, Bries (Zandbelt van der Berg)  was van een verleidelijke directheid, Bombo (HL architecture) was van elegante helderheid…….De architectuur van Bombo  en Bries waren verwant aan elkaar: strak, precies en van een hoog iconisch gehalte waarmee Bonaire op architectonisch regiokaart kon worden geplaatst.

Lastly it was about designs with the code names: Karko, Bombo, Bries….. Karko (Attica) because of a clear simplicity, Breeze (Zandbelt van der Berg) had a seductive directness and Bombo (HLarchitecture) was of elegant clarity ……. The architecture of Bombo and Breeze were related to each other: sharp, precise and with a high iconic quality that could position Bonaire at the regional architectural map.


April 30, 2011

HL Architecture, in collaboration with the narrative designer Nadia Troeman and DGMR, with their Antillean partner Madeco Project Vision, has won the competition for the design of a new multi-discipline school in the town of North Saliña, on the island of Bonaire. The jury, chaired by Professor Carlos Weeber and including Glenn Thodé, Governor of Bonaire and Enigma Giskus, Director of the Reina Beatrix School, awarded the HL Architecture team first prize.

The design accommodates four different communities which when combined form a single cluster. The individual elements include the Kolegio Papa Cornes and De Pelicaan schools, a kindergarten and a community sports centre. Each community has its own place: an atrium building with a central playing area. The four separate structures define and are grouped around a protected central courtyard that can be used by the entire school. The circulation space, while condensed as much as possible, creates a variety of interrelated educational and play areas. The elements of the design are integrated into the site where architecture and landscape combine to create a strong sense of place.

The essence of the project lies in the climatological approach; the dry and warm climate of the Antilles requires a suitable wind strategy, shaded facades and the use of materials with low heat capacity. The design combines the low-tech knowledge of traditional local construction with innovative ecological techniques to achieve a specific individual energy system for the entire building complex.