October 30, 2011

The comparative analysis studio done at the Academie voor Bouwkunst in Amsterdam explored how is the farmhouse embedded in the surrounding productive landscape, and researched the hybrid typologies combining spaces for; people, cattle, poultry, wine, grain, flowers and coffee. Comparation is done through sectional or inverted space models. The studio under guidance of Lada Hršak will be exhibiting works from: Annelies Bloemendaal, Esther Brun, Pascal Henneberque, Mathe van Kranenburg, Cees van der Mark, Esther van der Tuin, Maurice Wenker and Michiel van Zeijl, in the Academy Windows in the course of November 2011. Take a look at the Surinam coffee plantage, Kop-hals-romp and Stolp farms from Drenthe, Norvegian mountain farm, Boskoop greenhouses, the French Animal Farm and the Roman Italian winery uncovered from the Vesuvius. 

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