April 11, 2011

next to the garage @ De Verdieping
Next FailedArchitecture is on April 20 with a.o. Petra Brouwer, Christian Ernsten, Fred Feddes, Ljubo Georgiev and Hršak Lada, who will take us from Almere to Zagreb via Detroit and Skopje.

Failed Architecture is a new series of talkshows with presentations by various experts and public discussions that focus on buildings and urban environments that failed to stand the test of time and are currently neglected, abandoned or even vandalized or demolished, because of changing economic, social, political, cultural and/or physical circumstances.

Without a doubt the maxim ‘Failed Architecture’ raises questions. What and according to whom is architecture failed? Which criteria do we use when assessing architecture, e.g. the viewpoint of inhabitants and/or users, architects and/or planners? And how does the ‘Zeitgeist’ or ‘our’ contemporary taste and cultural differences influence our judgment of buildings and cities?

Our contribution to the panel comes under the title: ‘Succesfull Modernism’  – The inside story of Zapruđe / Novi Zagreb


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